Region: Santa Ana

Variety: SL-28

Processing: Semi-washed

Altitude: 1700 m

Cup: Raspberry, Toffee, Orange



History of the Farm: 


Original Plantation

La Divina Providencia was originally planted by the descendants of a Spanish colonial family under the name “Mathies” around 1875. Roberto started buying portions of the original plantation 12 years ago, which was unfortunately almost abandoned. Through years of dedication and working the farm (renewal of trees, and applying the parra system), La Divina Providencia got to be known by receiving excellent qualifications in CoE competitions since 3 years ago, which was the first time to be commercialized directly as an Estate Coffee.


Palo Campana Micro Region 


Due to the ongoing eruptions of Izalco Volcano and Santa Ana Volcano, Palo Campana micro region benefited from the constant ashes, which created one of the country’s most riches volcanic soils; the base of the high quality coffee produced.


The region is characterized by the presence of a rich sandy loam soil rich in minerals and organic matter, exhibiting excellent aeration and water infiltration capacity, which is the basis for the sustainability and longevity of the coffee plantation. The sandy content helps the roots maintain their useful life and, therefore, there are still very old trees of more than 100 years.


Average annual rainfall of 2500-3000 mm. 


La Divina Providencia Plantation presents a combination of traditional Red Bourbon, Orange Bourbon, and Kenya Bourbon. 


For the first part of the last century (1900) a member of the De Sola family, owners of a neighboring coffee plantation, brought a handful of a bourbon type coffee beans during a visit to Africa that got disseminated through the Palo Campana Micro Region and became known as the Kenya Bourbon. 

This is one of the main reasons why La Divina Providencia produces a coffee of exceptional quality that makes a difference with the rest of the micro regions’ and mountain ranges’ coffee 

Cupping Characteristics

The coffee of La Divina Providencia has a unique combination of attributes with predominant floral and whiney flavors, and notes of black tea. The coffee has a bright acidity, and a round body with a soft but prolonging after taste.


The coffee is processed under the traditional wet milling with fermentation process, for the separation of the mucilage, and it is 100% sun dried on clay brick patios.